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Last Update: May 30

Welcome to the Ultimate Handbook (version 0.9), a guide for Ultimate players of all levels to develop their core skills, learn new strategies, train properly, and just to read the latest news in the community. This version is nearly complete, but some content is still underdevelopment.

In order to view the flash illustrations, it's recommended that you download the latest flash player by clicking this link:

A little bit about the Ultimate Handbook... actually, the first Ultimate handbook contained at least double the amount of content that this one does. This revision was necessary because the content from the previous version was too outdated, and sometimes too long for players who wanted a quick read. In addition, this version is focussed on a more "multimedia" experienced by providing richer content through the use of such mediums as Macromedia Flash, and eventually streaming movies.

This version contains text, images, and flash animations. Updates, that will occur shortly, will focus on completing the rest of the missing content (mainly in training and on Horizontal offence).

Following this, the site will contain movies and many more images to communicate the ideas as best as possible. Expect this release later in the summer.

The last focus phase of development will aim to make the site a dynamic experience by allowing users to make contributions, and to add content to the site.

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Reproduction or distribution of any content including text, designs, and animations, is prohibited without the prior written consent of Andre Liem.

Here is a list of the people who are or have been involved with the Ultimatehandbook.

  • Andre Liem: Web Developer, Graphic Artist, Flash Developer, Content
  • Elliot Negelev: Graphics
    (contributed original image for Ultimate Handbook Logo)
  • David Savory: Content
  • Matt Stewart: Content
  • Adrian Liem: Flash (contributed plays)
  • Jeff Malmgren: Coordinator
  • David Jez: Creator of original ultimatehandbook

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions about this site, please email me (Andre) at this address. If you have major technical problems with the site (incompatibilities) please let me know, otherwise keep in mind that this site is still under heavy development.