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Throwing (Basics)

Learning to throw a disc can be SUPERFRUSTRATING. This prevents many people from playing ultimate. But everyone has to go through the learning process and everyone sucks at the start. Let’s get you past that before you decide to quit.

There are three standard throws in ultimate: the backhand, the forehand (or flick), and the hammer. The backhand is the throw you’ve probably used on the beach. The forehand is that crazy flicky thing you might have seen someone throw. The hammer is the loopy upside-down throw.

When reading these instructions, it is helpful to have a disc in your hand. If you try the steps as you read them, they will make more sense. Then get outside and practice- the keys to learning are repetition and experimentation.

Lefties, the tyranny of the majority applies. Wherever you see the word “right”, substitute “left”.

If you have the disc, the defence could force you to throw to either side. Knowing the two basic throws (backhand and forehand) makes this much easier. The backhand is normally used for throwing to the left, the forehand for throwing to the right. For instruction, go to the training section.