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Other Tidbits (Basics)

You are “clogging” when you are in the way of your teammates who are trying to cut. This usually happens if you cut, don’t get thrown to, and then don’t clear out. No one else can cut in if you dance around in front of the thrower. Don’t be selfish, clear out.

A pick happens when someone on defence is running after their mark and someone (from either team) gets in the way. If this makes the defender have to slow down or change direction, it will be easy for the person on offence to get open. Getting open because of a pick is an unfair advantage. If it was allowed then people would always be trying to get in each other’s way.

When a pick happens, the defender who was picked yells “Pick!” loudly. This isn’t because they’re mad but because they want everybody to freeze. The play stops and everyone stands still while the offensive player goes back to where she was when the pick occurred. Then the game starts up again.

A Pick (Flash Illustration)
The animation below demonstrates a blantant pick, notice how the cutter goes right through the stack, making it impossible for his defender to stay with him. In addition, this animation demonstrates that if the disc is thrown during pick calls, the play is still "live". In this case, the defense continues playing the disc which causes a turnover and a point.


  1. A defender must be within "reasonable" distance from their check (10 yards) to call a pick.
  2. Always play the disc when a pick is called, this applies to all situations, not just picks.
  3. A "tight" stack will make it harder to cut without picking your defender, so spread out the stack on offence.

If the disc has been thrown but not yet caught when the pick occurs, the play continues until the disc is either caught, intercepted, or hits the ground. If you hear “pick” but the disc is in the air, do not freeze; go and get that disc!

Some contact is unavoidable. If you get bumped and it doesn’t make a significant difference to the game, just keep playing. If the bump made you fall over or drop the disc, then say “foul” loudly. This will stop the game and then the teams can figure out what to do about the foul. Usually people will try to guestimate what would have happened if the foul had not occurred. Then the game will start again from this guestimated scenario.