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Latest Featured Play: L Stack Isolation Part 2

Following the first article on the L Stack this article looks at the flow of this offence in more detail. As stated before, the L stack is a flowing offence that is best suited for advanced teams where any player can be a lane cutter or handler. That being said, it doesn’t mean that every player needs to be equally good at lane cutting or handling, but the gist of it is that if you watch any top level team you’ll notice every player can huck, break the force, cut, dump and get open.
L Stack Isolation Part 1
The L Stack is a newer type of offensive strategy that has being used sparingly by few teams. It’s very uncommon to see an L Stack for beginner teams and is best suited for experienced teams with a speed advantage. A L Stack is exactly what it sounds like, a stack that is shaped like a L. There are many ways to create a L Stack and this example below is just one way of using the strategy
Horizontal Lane Cutting Horizontal Repositioning Horizontal Drill
Breakout Breakside Strike Flood
Out and Under Sideline Huck Swing Huck
Split and Send Zone: 3-3-1 Zone: 1-3-3
Zone: Hybrid Endzone O Endzone D
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