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New Play for Horizontal Offence – Isolation

I have just posted a new horizontal play that covers isolation of lane cutters.

This is a very generic play that is meant for teams that have an athletic advantage over their opponents. The general premise behind this play is to isolate lane cutters to one on one battles with their defenders. By using the room a horizontal setup can provide, it should be easier for your lane cutters to get open. The major challenge with this play is keeping the remaining defenders busy so they do not poach. The best way to deal with poaching players is to make the play very dynamic, and allow other lane cutter “fake cuts” to become real viable options if their defenders do not cover them.

Check out the flash play here.

New Drill – the Box.

We have just published a new drill called “the box”, an effective drill to practice throwing, cutting, and overall conditioning.  This one requires a full team and is very easy to teach, but is very hard to master.  An advanced team should aim to complete at least 10 consecutive throws.

Check out the new play here.

New Flash Play – Straight up Break Force

We’re happy to annouce the first new flash play in a while.  We’ve watched the polls and noticed there’s a bit more interest and need for drills, so we’ve created a drill called “straight up – break force drill”.  It’s one of our favourite drills as it works the core skills of a player and is accessible to all skill levels.

Check out the new drills page here

Ultimatehandbook Flash Player Upgrade

Sample Flash Player
As part of the first series of updates to the Ultimatehandbook, we have created a new flash player to illustrate plays, strategies and drills. New plays will be coming in the next coming weeks but we are going to open up the plays to the community. So, if you know how to use Flash, and would like to contribute plays, please e-mail me for the flash source file and I will send it your way. We only request that any plays created are contributed back to our site so we can build the Ultimatehandbook into a rich community for Ultimate Frisbee players. Come back in a few weeks to see some new fresh plays.

More Plays and New Articles Coming Soon – Let Us Know What You’re Looking For!

It’s been a little while coming, but we’re excited to say that we’re starting the next round of design, development and build-out of the UltimateHandbook!

Along with new plays and new articles for players, captains, and coaches alike, we’ll be making additional changes to the site on a whole. We’ll be opening things up to get your feedback and ideas, requests for new articles and plays, and we’ll gladly welcome any suggestions you might have.

Let us know what you’re looking for – whether it’s an animation of a particular play, a write up on different coaching strategies, tips for off-season training or something entirely new and different that you think will help ultimate players around the world.

Leave us a comment below, and check back soon!


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