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It’s with great pleasure that I can announce the official “beta” launch of! This is a web based tool we developed to allow Ultimate players to create and share plays.

After creating several plays for the Ultimatehandbook using Flash, we realized that there was quite the demand from users to contribute. Unfortunately, the Flash plays were not that easy to share or allow others to use, so the decision was made to create a separate web site that would allow players to do this with basic web technologies (HTML/JS). Also, following the trends of the web, we wanted to make this “social” so that players could learn from each other, and also keep some private plays among teammates.

This is a beta launch and will likely have a few bugs as we tweak things. Expect the site to change a lot over the coming weeks. The ultimate plan (no pun intended) is to funnel the best plays onto the as showcase plays. While we get off the ground, please be patient as we make more updates and fixes to the site. We hope you’re as excited as we are.


Andre Liem

Overhaul of site in the works

Hi everybody,

As you may have noticed (or not), this site has been updated and tweaked over the past few days.  It has been mostly functional things, but it’s all in preparation to  properly rejuvenate this site and get fresh content and community contribution.   A few major things you may notice are the new “DISQUS” commenting.  We really want users to drive the site more, so this new system of commenting should encourage a broader reach for discussion.  Also, the discussion forum has been cleaned up of spam posting and should be under control now.

I can fully explain the future updates, but I will say that sometime in the near future you can expect a much fancier site and playbook system.   Stay tuned!

Call for contributors

Hi everybody, I know it’s been quiet on the site for a long time.  As it goes our time is limited and this site is primarily a hobby for us.  We are looking to make some more updates now but if anybody likes to write and has at least 5 years of experience playing Ultimate, we would appreciate guest writers.

We are looking for any type of content that fits into the general mold of this site.  So that would be primarily general basic knowledge and strategies.  In addition, video content would be really great to enhance the experience on the site.

Please let me know if you are interested by contacting me at

New Play for Horizontal Offence – Isolation

I have just posted a new horizontal play that covers isolation of lane cutters.

This is a very generic play that is meant for teams that have an athletic advantage over their opponents. The general premise behind this play is to isolate lane cutters to one on one battles with their defenders. By using the room a horizontal setup can provide, it should be easier for your lane cutters to get open. The major challenge with this play is keeping the remaining defenders busy so they do not poach. The best way to deal with poaching players is to make the play very dynamic, and allow other lane cutter “fake cuts” to become real viable options if their defenders do not cover them.

Check out the flash play here.

Ultimatehandbook Flash Player Upgrade

Sample Flash Player
As part of the first series of updates to the Ultimatehandbook, we have created a new flash player to illustrate plays, strategies and drills. New plays will be coming in the next coming weeks but we are going to open up the plays to the community. So, if you know how to use Flash, and would like to contribute plays, please e-mail me for the flash source file and I will send it your way. We only request that any plays created are contributed back to our site so we can build the Ultimatehandbook into a rich community for Ultimate Frisbee players. Come back in a few weeks to see some new fresh plays.

Update number 1

Well the new ultimate handbook site has been up for a little less than half a day and I have a few upgrades to mention.  The site now has:

  • Rating:  You can rate any article with the stars found at the top.  This will be useful for everyone and myself to learn what is most useful.
  • Email it:  Send articles to friend easily with plain old email.  Not everyone is on the stumbledeliciousdigtwitterfacebookmyspace planet :).
  • Fancier posting:  Less refreshing and quicker posting of comments.  If you are having problems posting comments, let me know.
  • Discussion forum:  I’ve added the ‘bbpress’ forum as it seems Ultimate players like to talk about the game as much as they like to play it

That’s it for now.  Enjoy!

The Ultimatehandbook revamp

Well it has been a long time since I’ve touched the site.  Sorry, it’s not easy fitting in time to do up keep but I decided to use wordpress to power the handbook.  With this new ultimatehandbook, people will be able to contribute by commenting, voting, rating articles and more.

This site is currently being rolled out as a test to make sure it’s all working. So I’m not going to remove any of the old ultimatehandbook sites until this is solid.   Most of the content is the same, but over time I would like the site content to be more user generated.

Since this is really just a “beta”, let me know if you find any bugs such as incorrect links.  Once this site is solid, I’ll try to get more fresh content up and will remove the need to add “wordpress” as a sub directory.  I know a lot of people reference the Ultimatehandbook, so if this is you, please be prepared to update your links.  If you are just pointing to the then all is okay, but if you are referencing a specific page, they will be removed in a month or so.