Zone Offense: Two Handler Set

The majority of offense strategy in Ultimate places 3 handlers back with the disc, and then typically 4 cutters down field, sometimes split into pairs of two. Traditional zone offense often keeps the 3 handlers back, but then spreads the down field players into 3 mids or “poppers”, and 1 deep. An alternative to this approach, is to play with a 2 handler offensive set. Here’s an overview of how this works.

In the 2 Handler Zone Offense, players are assigned to the following roles:

  • 2 Handlers
  • 2 Wings
  • 2 Mids or “Poppers”
  • 1 Deep

Zone Offense Strategy

The main strategy of the 2 Handler Zone Offense is much the same as any regular zone offense:

  1. Keep the disc moving, look for holes to open up when the zone defense moves to adjust to the new location of the disc
  2. Work together
  3. Be patient, make smart, chilly throws

The difference, and advantage of a 2 Handler Zone Offense, is that in theory it opens up more of the field and creates more opportunities for the offense to be in motion and cutting into open space.

Here’s a play from Playspedia to give you an example of how a 2 Handler Zone Offense in Ultimate can look like.

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  2. I wouldn’t consider this so much a 2 handler offense. It is really a 4 handler zone O with 2 handlers who float along the sidelines. However, I really like this concept as opposed to 3 handlers. I think it better exploits sides and provides a greater capability with resetting the disc.

    By Suave on Mar 25, 2013

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