Horizontal – Break Force Funnel

The Break Force Funnel is a simple horizontal play that is initiated by a handler on the open side making a break force cut.   This play can be effective for teams that have strong throwing abilities as it requires each player throwing a potential break force throw.  The main focuses of this play are the initial break force cut by the handler, the flooding out of the lane cutters, and quick passes.

The play starts with the center handler (player 2) holding the disc waiting for the handler on the open side (player 3) to make a break force cut across the field.  Once the cutting handler has faked the defence into bidding on the break force side, s/he should reverse cut to the open side for an easy gainer.  While the handler is receiving the open side pass, the lane cutters should make space down the field by flooding.   These should be believable deep cuts to keep the defense on guard so that it opens up a fairly easy in cut from player 6.   Player 5 should time the next cut so that they can be ready to receive a pass right when player 6 has caught the disc.  This follows with player 7 cutting straight down field for the score.

While this play looks fairly easy to pull off from the diagram above, it must be performed at a fast pace and the timing must be perfect.  The offensive strategy is to create a quick flurry of passes up the middle of the field where the defense has little time to get a solid mark on.  This is the same premise behind “give and go’s”.  For those unfamiliar, a give and go is an offensive strategy where 2 or more players pass the disc right on receiving the disc to ensure the defense has minimal time to set a mark on.  Usually, these passes are short and have no bearing on the force to confuse the defense.

In some ways, the Break Force Funnel can be considered a hybrid of a give and go and a standard horizontal play.  It focuses on a series of quick passes up the lane but starting from a standard horizontal formation.

Key Points:

  1. Timing of cuts is key to this play.
  2. Throwers must be able to throw both open side and break force.
  3. Players not involved must create space by making believable cuts.

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