Update: @Ultihandbook on Twitter, Re-org in the works

Just a short update to keep you all in the loop with some work we’re doing and changes we’re going through.

@ultihandbook on Twitter

We’ve signed up a Twitter account for the UltimateHandbook. You can get the latest updates and find other ulti-folks in the Twitterverse by following us @ultihandbook. If you’re on Twitter, let us know and we’d be happy to follow!

Reorganization and Revival

We’re also in the process of reorganizing the content on the site, most notably moving some of the plays into their own posts so that you can comment on the individual animations on a single page instead of referencing one of two or three plays above.

Over time we’ll also be resurrecting some of the older content from earlier versions of the UltimateHandbook as we continue to add more articles and new features to the site.

More Ultimate Plays and Drills on the Way

We have more plays coming soon, hopefully just in time for the coming summer seasons!

Have an Idea?

Is there something you’d like to see on the UltimateHandbook? Maybe a play or drill, or advice on a particular topic? Let us know! Leave us a comment or send us a Tweet @ultihandbook.

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