Horizontal Isolation

This is a very generic play that is meant for teams that have an athletic advantage over their opponents. The general premise behind this play is to isolate lane cutters to one on one battles with their defenders. By using the room a horizontal setup can provide, it should be easier for your lane cutters to get open. The major challenge with this play is keeping the remaining defenders busy so they do not poach. The best way to deal with poaching players is to make the play very dynamic, and allow other lane cutter “fake cuts” to become real viable options if their defenders do not cover them.

As you can see, this type of play could lead to a quick score because once the isolated lane cutter gets the disc, it leaves the other lane cutter in an isolated position to run deep. This play is best for teams with highly athletic lane cutters, primarily the two involved as they must be able to get open very quickly and deal with potential poaching.

Key Points:

  1. Disc should initiate from the center handler
  2. Other laner cutters must make real cuts to keep the defensive players from poaching.
  3. Every cut from the isolated lane cutter is a viable option. If the player gets open on the first cut deep, the handler should throw it.
  4. The focus of this play is on one on one battles. The advantage is always with the cutting player.

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