Ultimatehandbook Flash Player Upgrade

Sample Flash Player
As part of the first series of updates to the Ultimatehandbook, we have created a new flash player to illustrate plays, strategies and drills. New plays will be coming in the next coming weeks but we are going to open up the plays to the community. So, if you know how to use Flash, and would like to contribute plays, please e-mail me andre.liem@hotmail.com for the flash source file and I will send it your way. We only request that any plays created are contributed back to our site so we can build the Ultimatehandbook into a rich community for Ultimate Frisbee players. Come back in a few weeks to see some new fresh plays.

  1. 2 Responses to “Ultimatehandbook Flash Player Upgrade”

  2. This is great! Please keep creating. Several players on our squad work with Flash and we’d be happy to contribute to your library. We do a lot of horizontal offense.

    By Hud on Mar 9, 2009

  3. These flash drills & plays are great! I’d like to create some for my team and am happy to share with your site. We do a lot of horizontal offense – it seems you could use those. Please send the flash source file.

    By Hud on Mar 10, 2009

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