Update number 1

Well the new ultimate handbook site has been up for a little less than half a day and I have a few upgrades to mention.  The site now has:

  • Rating:  You can rate any article with the stars found at the top.  This will be useful for everyone and myself to learn what is most useful.
  • Email it:  Send articles to friend easily with plain old email.  Not everyone is on the stumbledeliciousdigtwitterfacebookmyspace planet :).
  • Fancier posting:  Less refreshing and quicker posting of comments.  If you are having problems posting comments, let me know.
  • Discussion forum:  I’ve added the ‘bbpress’ forum as it seems Ultimate players like to talk about the game as much as they like to play it

That’s it for now.  Enjoy!

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  2. Hey man,
    I just wanted to tell you that you still have the UPA Rules Version 9, and the most current one is Version 11. I just wanted to let you know because that actually caused some confusion for me for bit. Great site, though.

    By Nathan on Jan 28, 2009

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