Horizontal Repositioning

After you have completed a pass up-field to a lane cutter, you now face the situation where you have to reposition your players. In the horizontal setup, you want to keep 3 handlers back, and 4 lane cutters spread downfield. When your first pass goes up, the lane cutter who makes the catch essentially becomes a handler. It is the job of the original handlers to reposition themselves by having one of them slide downfield to join the lane cutters. People often ask how do you know which handler moves downfield? It’s a complete judgment call that should be based on a few factors: who is in the best position to shift downfield, and how can we most easily restore our original starting setup (3 handlers, 4 lane cutters, everyone spread across the field)? This is part of the dynamic nature of horizontal O and it’s what not only makes it effective, but also fun.

Repositioning (Flash Illustration)

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