The Ultimatehandbook revamp

Well it has been a long time since I’ve touched the site.  Sorry, it’s not easy fitting in time to do up keep but I decided to use wordpress to power the handbook.  With this new ultimatehandbook, people will be able to contribute by commenting, voting, rating articles and more.

This site is currently being rolled out as a test to make sure it’s all working. So I’m not going to remove any of the old ultimatehandbook sites until this is solid.   Most of the content is the same, but over time I would like the site content to be more user generated.

Since this is really just a “beta”, let me know if you find any bugs such as incorrect links.  Once this site is solid, I’ll try to get more fresh content up and will remove the need to add “wordpress” as a sub directory.  I know a lot of people reference the Ultimatehandbook, so if this is you, please be prepared to update your links.  If you are just pointing to the then all is okay, but if you are referencing a specific page, they will be removed in a month or so.

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  2. Thanks for your efforts.

    By Apopka Realtors on Jan 7, 2009

  3. nice efforts. I send the site every summer to my ultimate team for new players to learn stuff. It seems the google ads are covering up different categories, which makes it difficult to browse the site.

    By BD on May 19, 2009

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